Tasting Note: 2015 Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir Raschen Ridge

Sometimes, you just have to be honest that a wine doesn’t live up to its price tag. It’s always especially deflating to remember how much one shelled out at a winery’s tasting room in fees, plus the cost of the wine that you purchased during the visit. To a large degree, I feel that way about many wines from Napa and Sonoma. After a recent California visit in January, I had some buyer’s remorse because I quickly realized that the  price charged at the cellar door (in addition to the tasting/visit fees) was more than the price for the same wine at a retail shop. Sure, it’s always special to taste the wines on premises, but I have to be frank that it often feels insulting to me as a consumer to later learn that I was charged in excess of retail pricing.

There are ways that a wine can be redemptive despite this rush of blood to the head at the price, if a wine is excellent when I open it months or years down the road. When that happens and the wine is enjoyable, memorable, or makes me reminisce of a trip, all is forgiven. If the wine doesn’t hit those marks, it tends to feel extra underwhelming. With that said, this wine was good, but not great, considering how much it cost to visit the tasting room ($50 per person) and the price tag for the wine.

2015 Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir Raschen Ridge The wine had a nose of cherries, baking spices, cloves and floral notes. There were very nice textures on the palate, with some more weightiness to it. I also found a mineral character lingers from the palate through the finish. This was a nice wine to drink, but failed to hit the marks when I consider other factors. Indifferent


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