Cellar Note: 1995 Oddero Barolo

Not all aged wines are superior. Case in point, a 1995 Oddero Barolo that I opened up recently. At the time, 1995 was praised by critics but has since failed to live up to its hype.  In 1995, the summer was cooler than normal, with rain and hail damage that hit through August and September.

The nose of this Barolo was largely muted and light. There were notes of roses, cherry, gravel, hints of smoked meat, and after a few hours, there was a clay-like note that became evident. This still had some acid and clear tannic structure. Somewhat disappointingly, the palate was far more interesting than the nose. Not all wines are meant for the long haul. With the underwhelming vintage that 1995 has turned out to be, this was still a good effort. There is always something to be gained from trying wines with age to them, and this was a lesson about the disappointing 1995 vintage. Indifferent


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