Tasting Note: 2015 Dard et Ribo St. Joseph

Far too often, fine wine lovers obsess about aging wines and catching a wine at its absolute peak in the bell curve of satisfaction. There is hardly a science involved in finding the best window to drink a wine, and what is “best” means something different for every drinker. Quite honestly, a wine with age is not always a better wine. It also takes a certain level of skill by¬†winemakers to take wines that are traditionally perceived as “tannic,” “full-bodied,” “ageable,” and make a fresh, expressive young wine from those same grapes. In that vein, there is Dard et Ribo. They are doing a 180 with Northern Rhone syrah.

2015 Dard et Ribo St. Joseph At a recent dinner in the NYC wine lover stronghold that is Racines, I had the Dard et Ribo alongside grilled duck. This wine was a nice red-purple in the glass. The nose was expressive and quite open at this stage. It showed dark cherry, fig and green olives. On the palate, the acidity immediately jumped to the forefront, as well as saline and olive tapenade flavors. There was a very nice, medium+ length to finish. Highly Recommend


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