It is a pleasure to have you along for this journey through wine and the world.  In recent years, I have become enthralled with the seemingly hidden qualities of wine. The liquid that goes into any bottle or glass is just one small piece of a much more dynamic and thrilling puzzle. At a time when wine has become more of a commodity and the world becomes less personal, I hope to highlight the connections of people and place.

As an avid traveler, I have visited wine regions in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia and the U.S. These visits have made clear to me that wine is inextricably connected with travel, history and place. Wine to me is experiential – the places and people who make wine what it is, the foods that it pairs with, and the company that you share it with. In those perfect moments where one’s surroundings mesh with the aromas and flavors of place, wine to me has the power to transport us across oceans. I will share those moments with you and will be particularly focused on the first-hand experiences of walking vineyards and cellars alongside winemakers, and tasting wines in their estates.

My passion for wine did not start because my parents were in the business, or because I come from a family of collectors. Rather, in order to enhance my travel experience on my first trip to Europe as a young adult, I decided to attend a winemaker dinner for a small Tuscan winemaker. After I left the dinner, I knew that wine would be a vital part of my future travels. With time, self-study and visits to numerous wineries, I have already had memorable and unique experiences through wine travel. I want to connect wine lovers with the greatest wine regions and winemakers in the world in a collegial manner because I will be learning along with you.

The rating scale that I will use for my tasting notes is as follows:

Dislike – a wine that I would not recommend, would not drink again or felt was flawed

Indifferent – a wine that I would not recommend and did not otherwise feel strongly about its characteristics or the drink experience provided

Like – a wine that expressed some pleasant or interesting qualities, but not something that I would seek out in the future

Recommend – a wine that provided an enjoyable drinking experience, was true to the classic characteristics of its place or grape, made for a successful pairing, or otherwise brought an unexpected quality that would be worth a second bottle or purchase

Highly Recommend – a wine that was true to its place, complex, structured or interesting and provided a memorable drinking experience

Collectible – a wine that I actively seek out year over year, or in a particular vintage, or was otherwise so special that I would want to put more of it away for future wine drinking enjoyment

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